These Walls Can Talk

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  • 8th October 2015

These Walls Can Talk is a complex and poignant story about a school that stood at the heart of the Irish Deaf community for over 150 years.  St Joseph’s was where Ireland’s indigenous sign language was developed and where the foundation of the modern Irish Deaf community was built. While it offered incredible opportunity to some Deaf boys, for others, that opportunity came at an unspeakable price.
Performance Artist, Amanda Coogan, is the first born hearing child of two Deaf parents and her father Larry attended St Joseph’s in the 1950’s. It was only as she grew older that she discovered that not all St Joseph’s boys shared her father’s affection for the place. Far from being the beacon of light her father remembered, she began to realise that for some boys, life at St Joseph’s was marred by fear and abuse. In this powerful film, Amanda returns to St Joseph’s to re-evaluate her perceptions of this iconic building and to decide, in the wake of its demolition, how it should be remembered.
These Walls Can Talk was Produced by Mind The Gap Films for RTE. We completed all the sound post-production for this moving documentary.  Catch it tonight on RTE ONE.