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The Lost Muslim

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The Lost Muslim – RTE 2 Tuesday 15th and 22nd of December 10pm
Recent Emmy and IFTA Award winner, Baz Ashmawy, usually known for his extreme adventures, embarks on a much more personal odyssey as he turns to Ireland and abroad in search of his Muslim heritage, looking at how the culture and faith can co-exist with his own very Irish identity.
In this 2-part series, he embarks on a personal journey of discovery, hoping to re-embrace his Egyptian heritage and to understand properly for the first time the culture and beliefs of the Muslim faith into which he was born, but which he hasn’t practised since childhood.
Of course, when he started the project, Baz could have had no idea, how that journey would be given a much greater urgency and poignancy by the recent atrocities in Sinai, Beirut and Paris. For some, those events have awakened hostility and fear of Islam, but for Baz, that extreme religion, whose followers seem to believe they have a sacred right to massacre innocent people, is not the Islam he remembers – an enlightened faith, rooted in peace. So, has Islam, itself, been hijacked? For Baz, there’s only really one way to find out.
Joanne McGrath directed this two part programme with Guy Montgomery editing. We did all of the picture and sound post production. Produced by Brown Bread Films, it’s a pleasure to be working with this exciting new production company.

Ireland’s Rising

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Ireland’s Rising, a new four-part series features four household names returning to their ancestral county to explore its connections with 1916.  The series, which marks the start of RTÉ One’s 1916 programming, sees Anne Doyle, Ryan Tubridy, Jim McGuinness and Fiona Shaw travel to Wexford, Galway, Donegal and Cork respectively to learn about their county’s circumstances in 1916 and to discover how each county is planning to commemorate the centenary.
The four will find out what was going on during that fateful week in April, how their own family lived at the time and will meet with people who are commemorating the nation’s turning point in diverse and creative ways.  Their assumptions will be challenged as they find out how the events of Easter week weren’t just limited to Dublin and the GPO, hopefully prompting every county in the country to reflect on their own connections with 1916.
Produced by Jean Devlin and Mairead Tucker for RTE, the series is directed by Traoloch O’Buachalle and Ruth Mehan. Egg welcomes back guest editors Breege Rowley and Brenda Morrisey, with the rushes processing, graphics and picture finishing completed here in Egg.
The episodes air Sundays 8:30pm, RTÉ One, on the 6th, 13th and 20th of December.