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Children Of The Revolution

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Children of the Revolution – RTÉ One, Easter Sunday March 27th – 9:35pm
One hundred years ago, a tiny rebellion in a corner of the British Empire helped forge a new nation and altered the lives of millions… but it also ended the lives of forty children. Based on his best-selling book, broadcaster Joe Duffy tells the story of the Irish 1916 Easter Rising as seen from the perspective of those Children of the Revolution.
In every conflict, there are always casualties of war. Children of the Revolution uncovers the stories, lives and deaths of forty Dublin innocents, like Sean Foster a 2 year old who was shot sitting alongside his baby brother in their pram, and Neville Fryday a 21 year old Canadian soldier who it turns out wasn’t Canadian afterall and wasn’t 21.
This fascinating documentary tells a timeless human story of life and death in the middle of conflict. Until now, many of them have gone unnamed, their final resting places unmarked, their sacrifice unrecognised.
These children were from every class and corner of Dublin life, and they were much more than just collateral damage. A century on, the sense of tragedy, loss & outrage is undimmed, as Joe Duffy retraces, respects and remembers these childrens’ lives and deaths.
Produced by Dhruba Banerjee, Directed by Gerry Hoban and edited by EGG’s Guy Montgomery , we also completed all of the picture and sound post production and created the graphics and animation for this documentary.

Inside the G.P.O

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Inside the G.P.O is a new series from RTE as part of the 1916 commemoration and starts on Tuesday 15th March, 7.00pm on RTE1 for 6 weeks.
Best known as the headquarters of the 1916 Rising, the GPO has been at the heart of Irish life for 200 years. This series goes behind the scenes at Ireland’s busiest post office;  hometo 950 staff, a microcosm of Irish society, and caretaker of letters, parcels, hopes and stories. Leading up to the most important anniversary since the GPO was first built,  RTÉ was given access to film life inside the walls of the GPO, capturing the daily life and work of the staff –and those who use its services – to transport their letters, parcels and often times, stories and emotions.  This six month period, in addition to the daily postal business, also saw the development of a new €10 million visitor centre, constructed right in the centre of the GPO courtyard.
Directed by Sally Roden for RTE, we hosted Paul Giles who edited the series. The rest of the post was completed here in EGG by our team.

I Am Not A Serial Killer

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I Am Not A Serial Killer will have its world premiere in the prestigious SXSW Film Festival on March 13th and will screen in the festival until the 19th of March. Fifteen-year old John Cleaver is dangerous, and he knows it. He’s obsessed with serial killers, but really doesn’t want to become one. Terrible impulses constantly tempt him, so for his own sake, and the safety of those around, he lives by rigid rules to keep himself “good” and “normal”. However, when a real monster shows up in his town he has to let his dark side out in order to stop it – but without his rules to keep him in check, he might be more dangerous than the monster he’s trying to kill. This deliciously dark tale is directed by BAFTA nominated Billy O’Brien who also adapted the screenplay from the novel by Dan Wells. The Grade, Sound Design, Sound Mix, VFX and Online were all completed here at Egg.
Max Records (Where the Wild Thigs Are) plays the lead role while Christopher Lloyd (Back to theFuture, The Adams Family) and Laura Fraser (breaking Bad) also star. The film is being produced by Nick Ryan, Robbie Ryan, and Billy O’Brien of Floodland Pictures alongside The Tea Shop and Film Company’s (Tower Block) James Harris and Mark Lane.
Funding is provided by the Irish Film Board, Quickfire Films and The Fyzz Facility.