I Am Not A Serial Killer

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  • 13th December 2016
I AM NOT A SERIAL KILLER screening in Irish Cinemas Now!
Finally this gem of a film is screening across Ireland! After a very successful run in film festivals all over the world and picking up numerous awards, Irish audiences will get the chance to watch this weird and wonderful tale on the big screen. A refreshing horror film to balance all that pesky Christmas cheer.
This deliciously dark tale stars Max Records (Where the Wild Things Are) as John Wayne Cleaver, a serial Killer obsessed teenager who battles his own terrible urges everyday until he finds himself up against a real killer tormenting his small town. He must unleash his inner demons to hunt and stop this monster but will he be able to keep control once his dark side is out?
Christopher Lloyd (Back to the Future, The Adams Family) and Laura Fraser (breaking Bad) also star. The Grade, Sound Design, Sound Mix, VFX and Online were all completed here at Egg. BAFTA nominated Billy O’Brien directed. He also adapted the screen play from the cult hit novel by Dan Wells.
The film was produced by Nick Ryan, Robbie Ryan, and Billy O’Brien of Floodland Pictures alongside The Tea Shop and Film Company’s (Tower Block) James Harris and Mark Lane. With funding by the Irish Film Board, Quickfire Films and The Fyzz Facility.
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