Cardboard Gangsters coming to a Cinema near you in June!

By 18th May 2017 No Comments
Mark O’Connor’s gritty Irish drama Cardboard Gangsters, starring Love Hate’s John Connors, will be released in Irish cinemas in June. Its been cleaning up in Film festivals around the world, winning Best Actor, Best Feature Film and Film of the Festival at Manchester Film Festival earlier this year. And it was recently awarded Outstanding Achievement in Filmmaking at the Newport Beach Film Festival in California. Being compared to Trainspotting and the films of Guy Ritchie and Ken Loach by critics, we are sure that Irish audiences will love it too.
John Connors plays Jay Connolly, a part-time DJ and low level drug dealer in Darndale, an area victimised by gangs, drugs and social problems. When his welfare is cut off he decides it’s time to enter the big leagues with his gang, in order to help settle his family’s debts. His actions attract the attention of Sean Murphy, the son of the local drug king pin, Derra Murphy, who rules Darndale with an iron fist and has no problems eliminating any potential rivals.
Jay knows he’s playing a dangerous game but plans to make just enough money to settle his family’s debts, get out of Darndale, and move to Spain with his pregnant girlfriend. Events spiral out of control when Jay becomes involved with Derra’s wife, and his gang are thrust in to harm’s way, which leaves Jay with a momentous decision to exact revenge, or turn the other cheek.
All of the Sound, Grade and Online was completed here at at EGG. Cardboard Gangsters is produced by Richard Bolger for Five Knight Films, in association with O’Connor’s Stalker Films. The DoP was Michael Lavelle (Patrick’s Day). The film is funded by the BAI, Filmbase, and TV3. It will be released via Wildcard Distribution later this year.
It hits cinemas on the 16th of June.