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 FALLOUT on RTE tonight @10.15pm

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“Fallout” is the first documentary that looks at the post prison lives of 4 high profile exonerated prisoners – Paddy Hill (Birmingham 6), Peter Pringle (the last man sentenced to death in Ireland in 1980), Sunny Jacobs (who served 17 years on death row in the USA and is married to Peter Pringle) and Robert Brown (who served 25 years in the UK).

This film explores the mental and physical fallout from their long term incarceration, their day to day struggle for survival, broken family relationships and the poor quality of lives they lead.  It will also highlight their courage and generosity of spirit, as they engage in activism and advocacy for criminal justice reform and human rights, showing up their states by organising help and resources for their fellow victims of injustice.  Underlying the very personal  stories of our four principal characters  is the process of those who are undergoing the programme at the Sunny Center Foundation (run by Sunny Jacobs and Peter Pringle), the work of Paddy Hill’s organization, MOJO and the endeavours of Robert Brown to give talks and write poetry as his way of coping with the pain.

This documentary is a unique take on the mental fallout of years spent behind bars. We connect on a deeply raw and human basis with our characters resulting in an emotional and passionate cry out to be free from the trauma that has enveloped their lives. Leading psychiatrists have described the damage done as being beyond repair. But there is hope and the first residents of the Sunny Center Foundation are evidence that a better life is possible.

Paddy Hill was one of the Birmingham Six, sentenced to life and released as an innocent man after 16 years. His psychiatrist describes him as one of the most mentally scarred cases he has ever come across. He now runs MOJO, the Miscarriages of Justice Organization, to help innocent people in prison.

Robert Brown was sentenced to life for murder in 1977. He was released 25 years later, after it was determined his verdict could not be considered safe. He has spent the years since retreating from a world he doesn’t understand and feels doesn’t understand him.

Sunny Jacobs and Peter Pringle make up one of the most unlikely of unions; that of exonerated death row inmates.  Peter was one of the last men to be sentenced to death in Ireland, convicted of murdering two Gardaí in 1980. He served 15 years.  Sunny Jacobs was sentenced to death, along with her then husband, for the murder of two police officers in Florida in 1976 serving 17 years on Death Row. Both became advocates for human rights, campaigning worldwide against the death penalty.

Produced by Bang Bang Teo and edited by Guy Montgomery, this important and harrowing documentary airs on RTE this Thursday at 10.15pm.

Grace Harte premiers tonight @10pm on TG4

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Grace Harte, a brand new 3 part mini series starts tonight at 10pm on TG4.  A dark and dangerous drama, it’s a feast for the eyes, the black and white film noir-esque style brings out the stark beauty of the landscape and intensifies the superb performances.

Grace Harte feels stranded in a passionless marriage living in the crumbling hotel she runs with her husband Leo on the West Coast of Ireland. The arrival of Danny, a young surfer, on the beach adjacent to the hotel is the catalyst for a series of violent events that will change all of their lives forever.

Wildfire Films produced Grace Harte and Charlie McCarthy directed. Egg did all of the Sound post and VFX with Egg’s Nik Panteris and Alan O’Sullivan grading and online editing respectively.

Moon Dogs Cinema Release

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Moon dogs, a coming of age comedy, will be released in cinemas across Ireland and the UK from Friday 1st September. This heart warming film has been charming audiences and critics at film festivals around the world for the last year picking up nominations and awards galore and now we’ll all get a chance to catch this funny gem of a movie.
An anarchic, funny, sexy movie, following two teenage stepbrothers on a road trip across Scotland, and the wild free-spirited girl who comes between them as they travel from Shetland to Glasgow. Directed by Philip John (Being Human, Downton Abbey), a BAFTA nominated, multi-award-winning director/screenwriter from Newport, Wales, it was written by Scottish writers Raymond Friel and Derek Boyle (The Calcium Kid, Botched) and produced by Produced by Kathy Speirs, co produced by Suzanne Reid & Ripple World Pictures.
We did the sound, VFX Grade and Online for the film. It’s out in cinemas from Friday. Check their website for more information

Madraí na nGael

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Madraí na nGael
TG4 Tuesdays 8pm
 A must see for dog lovers, Madraí na nGeal is a six part documentary telling the story of our nine native breeds of dog: Irish Wolfhounds, Kerry Beagles, Irish Setters, Irish Red and White Setters, Irish Water Spaniels, Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers, Irish Glen of the Imaals, Kerry Blues and Irish Terriers. We discover the stories of our Irish dog breeds, meeting Irish dog owners and experts. We will find out how and why they were bred through archive and dramatic reconstructions from Irish history, myths and legends.
Ripple World Pictures produced the series. We hosted Editor Ronán Ó Muirgheasa and the rest of the post was completed here.
If you missed any episodes of this delightful series, they are available on TG4 player.



Bernard Dunne’s Mythical Heroes

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Former world champion boxer Bernard Dunne joins the RTÉ team with Bernard Dunne’s Mythical Heroes, a brand new six-part series bringing the stories of the heroes of Irish mythology to life. Bernard will take viewers to sites across Ireland synonymous with stories like Fionn MacCumhall, Cúchulain and the Children of Lir to name a few.
Each episode features one particular legend as Bernard takes on the role of storyteller, using a combination of documentary footage, live action reconstructions and stunning animation to re-create these compelling and dramatic tales. In a world where children are captivated by superheroes of all shapes, sizes and skills – this series shows our audience how Irish superheroes were an original of their kind whilst educating them about life of old in the best way, with out them realising it!
This charming show was produced by Mark Warren for Firebrand Productions, directed by Hugh Farley and was edited by Michael O’Sullivan. All of the sound, grade and online was completed by us and our VFX team added the magic and sparkle.
The series started Thursday on RTE 2 at 5pm and runs for 6 weeks. Catch the first episode on RTE Player now and learn all about Setanta.




Ireland’s Great Wealth Divide

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Presented by David McWilliams, this 1 hour documentary delves into the growing wealth divide in Ireland as the country recovers from the recession. David will takes us to the root of that unfairness and inequality, the one rule for us and another for them. Making money is a good thing but too much in the hands of just a few does very little for the rest of us. David explains what is happening, more crucially, why it is happening and, ultimately, what can we do about it.
Directed by Gerry Hoban for Animo TV.  All  picture post production and graphics were completed here in Egg with Guy Montgomery Editing. Broadcast on RTÉ One, Monday 21st September, 9.35pm