Building on the success of the BAFTA award-winning pre-school series Roy, Little Roy is a live action/animation hybrid starring Roy O’Brien, an animated 5-year-old boy on a journey of self-discovery through imaginative play. Little Roy embraces all the winning elements of the existing 11-year-old Roy brand. Little Roy features laugh out loud comedy, physical hi jinks and emotional learning with a touch of madcap humor and craziness. Little Roy is Roy with the brakes off.
The series will give fans a new and exclusive insight into the life of Roy O’Brien — Ireland’s only cartoon boy living in the real world. Roy turns his history homework from Mr. Hammond into a scrapbook about himself. The pace and humor will mirror that of Roy and each episode will feature core themes that the audience can relate to. At the end of every chapter of the scrapbook, Roy offers his conclusion as to the events he’s just relived. Though being an 11-year-old cartoon boy, Roy is slightly prone to getting the wrong end of the stick!
All of the post-production is taking place at EGG with Malcolm Maloney editing all 52 Episodes, along with Weronica Kaminska. Nik Panteris is grading with the sound mix and online also taking place at EGG.