Situated in the heart of Georgian Dublin, EGG was founded in 2004 as a boutique picture post house by editors Gary Shortall and Gareth Young. EGG has since grown into an establishment well known for it's award winning Editing, Sound and VFX departments, cementing our stature as one of Ireland’s leading facilities.

EGG is a founder member of the VFX Association of Ireland and we have extensive experience of working with productions accessing S481 Tax Incentives delivering projects to all the major Irish, UK and US broadcasters, as well as for audiences worldwide. Keep up to date with the latest news from egg by following our social links below.

Section 481- The Irish Tax Incentive

"Section 481" is a tax credit in Ireland that encourages film, TV, animation, and creative documentary production. It is administered by Ireland's Department of Culture and the Revenue Commissioners.

EGG has a strong history of collaborating with producers on projects that qualify for Ireland's Section 481 Tax Credit, which can provide up to 32% of eligible Irish expenditure. Additionally, there is a 5% bonus for projects shot in the regions. The tax credit covers expenses related to cast, crew, goods, services, post-production, and VFX sourced in Ireland. It applies to feature films, TV dramas, animation, and creative documentaries.

Contact us to see if your project can benefit from this program. Find more information at the provided link.


EGG is a founding member of VFXAI, the Visual Effects Association of Ireland. VFXAI promotes Ireland as a premier VFX destination with talented companies producing top-notch visual effects for domestic and international markets.

Members of VFXAI have impressive credits on award-winning films, TV, and SVOD series. VFXAI also advocates for a VFX-friendly environment in Ireland, supported by the Section 481 Tax Incentive.

By showcasing the collective strengths of its members, VFXAI highlights Ireland's abundance of talent, scale, and incentives for exceptional VFX production.

Click on the link below to find out more about the VFXAI and the fantastic work it does.

Our CEO's

Gary Shortall - CEO/ Business Development

Co-founder and joint CEO of EGG, Gary has been in the business for 30 years. With a background in editing and a love of sound Gary has overseen the post- production on countless hours of television and feature film projects.

In his key role Gary is responsible for business development with a particular focus on feature film and television drama.

Gareth Young - CEO/ CTO

Co-founder and joint CEO, Gareth is one of Ireland's most experienced and respected drama editors. As CTO he keeps up with the latest developments in Post- production and VFX. Meaning EGG’s technology and workflows are at the cutting edge level required to maintain a world- class facility.