Section 481- The Irish Tax Incentive 

‘Section 481' is a tax credit, incentivising film and TV, animation and creative documentary production in Ireland, administered by Ireland’s Department of Culture and the Revenue Commissioners. 

EGG has a long track record of working closely with producers in delivering projects in receipt of Ireland’s Section 481 Tax Credit for Film, Television and Animation.  

The rate of tax credit is worth up to 32% of eligible Irish expenditure. In additional there is a 5% uplift for project shooting in the regions.

The payable tax credit is based on the cost of all cast and crew working in Ireland, and all goods and services sourced in Ireland, including post-production and VFX. 

The incentive applies to feature film, television drama (singles or series), animation and creative documentary.  

Contact us to explore whether your project can access this scheme. Further information can also be found on the link below