The facility’s origins are in Offline- both CEO’s were editors, and this department is the beating heart of EGG. The Offline department works to a very singular goal- telling stories.

No matter the size of the project, our editors are driven by a desire to find, sculpt and deliver the best stories.

We have 10 spacious AVID cutting suites each connected to Editshare central storage.  

Our infrastructure and in- house team is tried and tested across the widest range of content- Feature Film, multi-episodic Television Drama, Documentary, Magazine, Multi- camera and Fixed rig programming as well as adverts.



The very first job in EGG was an episodic drama, and it is a genre in which we continue to excel. From The Clinic through Pure Mule and Red Rock to South Westerlies, we have been delivering first- rate dramas for Irish, UK and international audiences for 15 years. With the cutting expertise allied to tried and tested workflows for review, revision and delivery, EGG is the go to destination for high- end television drama in Ireland.  

Feature Film

This success in drama has lead to a large and growing body of work in feature film. With all the disparate departments needed for a film under one roof, the offline department is able to collaborate quickly, closely and easily with Colour, Sound, VFX and the Picture Services team throughout the Offline process. These close and long- standing working relationships mean we can deliver beautifully cut films that are delivered in a manner that allows maximum flexibility. This allows our directors and producers to best meet the known, and unforeseen, challenges in producing a feature film. When it comes to promoting the film we also have the editors to give you the trailer your film deserves and that your distributor demands.


As a result of our work in Feature film, EGG has grown an excellent and proven dailies service. Our Picture Services team is well practiced in the receipt and and prompt processing of rushes from sets in Ireland and further afield, for our editors to then create assemblies. Our in- house streaming service EGGStream allied to a 5Gb/s Internet connection provides production with full visibility of the previous day’s rushes, through a robust web portal. No matter the size of your production, EGG has the capacity to handle your daily rushes needs.  


Editing Comedy is an art form in and of itself, and EGG’s track record speaks for itself. The crafting and subtlety of touch required to make sure a programmes gets the laughs it is looking for, is a particular forte of the Offline team, with award winning series Damo and Ivor, Nowhere Fast and Can’t Cope Won’t Cope amongst their credits.


A staple of our offline work, be it observational, authored, structured reality or feature, our editing team is built for telling stories through documentary, with Prix Europa, BAFTA, IFTA International Emmy Awards to prove it.

This track record has meant that EGG has also become the edit house of choice for fixed rig documentaries. Primetime series’- Rotunda, Keeping Ireland Alive and Trauma all did their offline at EGG. As a result our team is well used to workflows focussed on creating individual stories and then crafting them into compelling episodic content.

Animation/ Live action crossovers

Animation/ Live action crossovers are highly specialised area of Offline in which EGG excels.

The challenges of this type of content are myriad, but they are all ones EGG has dealt with before. With experience on series and feature films, such as Roy, Ghosthunters and Mythical Heroes, our offline team is very experienced in cutting offline to incorporate assets generated by animation and VFX teams. If you have a project like this you should at the very least come and talk to us.


Head of Editing-
Guy Montgomery

Guy is Ireland’s premier documentary editor, with award winning credits ranging over 30 years. Recent highlights include Bordering on Brexit (RTE/ ARTE), 24 Hour Baby Hospital- Series 1 & 2 (More 4), We Need To Talk About Dad (RTE), Trauma (RTE- IFTA Nominated), Ireland’s Property Crisis (RTE), The Crossing (RTE- IFTA Winner, 3rd place TV Doc, Prix Europa) Keeping Ireland Alive: The Health Service in a Day (RTE- IFTA Nominated) Children of the Revolution (RTE- IFTA Nominated) Bullyproof (RTE- IFTA winner), My Homeless Family (RTE- IFTA Nominated), Broken Song (Audience Award- Dublin Film Festival), Who Do You Think You Are? (RTE- IFTA Nominated), Surgeons (RTE- IFTA Nominated) Ronnie Drew - September Song (Channel 4) and RTE Prime Time Investigates: Home Truths Leas Cross (RTE- IFTA Nominated). As well as editing Guy is now also bringing his knowledge and experience in powerful storytelling to projects as an Editorial Producer.

Guy also has experience in episodic drama, The Clinic, and feature film, Parked.