The sound department at Egg has built its reputation from humble beginnings to become a formidable force in Audio Post Production.

Our talented team of sound designers , re-recording mixers, foley artists and sound editors are held in the highest regard in the Irish and international film Industry.

Our state of the art facilities provide comfortable and spacious surroundings for all forms of audio mixing and sound creation, from TV/VOD episodic drama, Cinema features, TV/Feature animation, Documentary, Factual Entertainment to Advertising projects, we are geared to handle it all.


This is one of EGG’s greatest strengths- and we look at it as an exercise in manipulating time and space, through the use of colour.

From matching different takes and angles trying to make things feel as though they are shot at the same time on the same day, to applying a look and making the story clearer.

EGG takes the brief or creative input from the DoP, director, producer and uses state of the art technology and decades of experience to deliver the best version of the material, all the while mindful of the myriad of technical implications of the decisions being made.

Working in DaVici Resolve with advanced control panel, using the state of the art, Netflix and Amazon Studios, approved, Sony BVM X300 4K monitor, allied to our 4K Projector, our suite gives directors and producers using our colour suite a cinematic experience, whatever their content.

Our technical infrastructure allied to a 5Gb/s internet connection means that, if you can’t come to the facility you can still do remote grade in real time at EGG. As times and budgets change, this is a service that has been a huge success for our clients based overseas.


Our Online finishing suite operates with Resolution Independent Avid Symphony MC software with Boris Continuum FX plug-ins, together with DaVinci Resolve. It is connected to EditShare central storage which allows the sharing of media to and from Online with all the suites and departments.

With HD and 4K/UHD monitoring and Alan's experience and eye for detail, it is where our clients get to put the finishing touches on their hard work.

Titles, straps, de- noising, stabilisation, credit rollers, effects and clocks are all applied in the ‘Best Room in House'.

Online is also where our Master files are created, from Pro Res to XDCam. With a 5GB/s internet connection, from where deliveries are made direct to broadcasters and distributors.


The facility’s origins are in Offline- both CEO’s were editors, and this department is the beating heart of EGG. The Offline department works to a very singular goal- telling stories.

No matter the size of the project, our editors are driven by a desire to find, sculpt and deliver the best stories.

We have 10 spacious AVID cutting suites each connected to Editshare central storage.

Our infrastructure and in- house team is tried and tested across the widest range of content- Feature Film, multi-episodic Television Drama, Documentary, Magazine, Multi- camera and Fixed rig programming as well as adverts.

Engineering and Picture Services

The work of picture services doesn’t result in headline credits, but at EGG our Engineering and Picture Services team is as important as all the others. Working across, and with, all other departments, their work is vital in helping our clients identify and solve problems, all the while focussed on delivering high end content every day.