The Inventor - Curiosity Studios

We are thrilled to have been chosen to add the final touches to The Inventor, a remarkable projectthat has been in the making for an incredible 12 years. This film combines the artistry of stop motion animation and 2D animation, and we at Egg had the honor of handling the color grading, sound mixing, and online editing.

Directed by the renowned Jim Capobianco, a true legend at Pixar who produced the movie Ratatouille, The Inventor showcases an extraordinary cast. The talented Stephen Fry breathes life into the character of Leonardo da Vinci, while the brilliant Daisy Ridley lends her voice to French Princess Marguerite. Additionally, the exceptional Matt Berry voices Pope Leo X. We are truly privileged to be part of such an exceptional ensemble.

Excitingly, The Inventor is set to premiere at the 2023 Annecy Film Festival on June 17th, competing in the esteemed category of Best Feature Film.