Good Omens - Season 2 - Amazon Studios

After a massively successful first season, Egg VFX was utterly thrilled to be given the opportunity to work on the titilating second season of Good Omens. Having been on Earth since The Beginning, and with the Apocalypse thwarted in season 1, this season the duo is getting back to easy living among mortals in London's Soho... for now, that is.

Our talented team in our Dun Laoghaire office once again showed off their unmatched skills in delivering mesmerising VFX. This team of 30 artist worked exceptionally hard and as a direct result we were able to deliver 280 comp shots spanning from June 2022 - April 2023.

Here at Egg VFX fostering and maintaining client relations is a cornerstone of our work ethic. We were elated to be told by Amazon Studios that they wanted us to be a part of the second season of Good Omens, and we cannot wait to see what comes next around the corner.

You can watch the trailer for season 2 below.

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