Visual Effects has now become a key component of almost every production that passes through EGG. Founded in 2014, the department has worked on the widest range of content- independent shorts, adverts and television documentary, but its main focus is delivering characters, scenes and shots for VFX driven drama and features. 

A three- year Enterprise Ireland funded project means that all our VFX services can depend on a robust, first- rate and cutting edge Pipeline.


On- set supervision

Because of EGG’s extensive television drama and Feature Film work, the VFX department and Picture department are comfortable and assured in providing on- set VFX Supervision.  

Rotoscope and Compositing 

The VFX Department have delivered thousands of shots for television series and films doing post at EGG or cutting elsewhere. Working in Nuke and Flame, EGG has a long track record of delivering rotoscope and composited shots quickly and on time.

Character creation and design

The extensive character creation and design work required on Sinbad (Sky), Ghosthunters (feature film) and Imaginary Mary (Sony) lead to a huge investment in infrastructure. As a result EGG can now rely upon tried, tested and proven iteration and delivery workflows, and a wealth of knowledge when a job requires concept creation and character design.  

Remote working

With our work on Intergalactic (Sky), EGG has partnered with Milk VFX, to deliver remote working on VFX shots using Teradici technology. We can now provide our full suite of VFX services, while working on, and through, partner machines, networks and workflows.

Motion Graphics

Given EGG’s long history in television, delivering new, innovative and striking Motion Graphics have been part of the core, day- to day work of the department.

Head of VFX

Aled Rhys- Jones

A graduate of Central Saint Martin’s School of Art and Design, Aled has relocated to Ireland with his young family, and brings 20 years of experience in the industry to heading EGG VFX. His long list of high profile credits include The Dark Crystal, Altered Carbon, Black Mirror, Spectre, The Revenant, Game of Thrones, Wolf Hall, Interstellar and Gravity. Check out Aled's IMDB Page here


40 Artist Workstations

90 Node Render Farm

Isilon Central Storage Server

5 x 8 bay GPU Render Farm

Supermicro CPU Render Farm

6 Node 120TB Isilon Storage


Nuke Studio

Nuke X


Flame 2020

Blackmagic Design Fusion






ActionVFX Unlimited Library


Creative Cloud 2020