Visual Effects has now become a key component of almost every production that passes through EGG. Founded in 2011, EGG VFX was an IFTA Winner in 2023 & BAFTA Nominee in 2022.

In the last year we have delivered shots for Bad Sisters (Apple TV), Evil Dead Rise (Warner), The Woman King (Sony) and Good Omens (Amazon).

Our 50- person team has just delivered 750 shots for World On Fire 2, broadcasting on BBC1 from July 2023.


On- set supervision

Because of EGG’s extensive television drama and Feature Film work, the VFX department and Picture department are comfortable and assured in providing on- set VFX Supervision.  

Rotoscope and Compositing 

The VFX Department have delivered thousands of shots for television series and films doing post at EGG or cutting elsewhere. Working in Nuke and Flame, EGG has a long track record of delivering rotoscope and composited shots quickly and on time.

Character creation and design

The extensive character creation and design work required on Sinbad (Sky), Ghosthunters (feature film) and Imaginary Mary (Sony) lead to a huge investment in infrastructure. As a result EGG can now rely upon tried, tested and proven iteration and delivery workflows, and a wealth of knowledge when a job requires concept creation and character design.  

Remote working

With our work on Intergalactic (Sky), EGG has partnered with Milk VFX, to deliver remote working on VFX shots using Teradici technology. We can now provide our full suite of VFX services, while working on, and through, partner machines, networks and workflows.

Motion Graphics

Given EGG’s long history in television, delivering new, innovative and striking Motion Graphics have been part of the core, day- to day work of the department.