Experience audio like never before in our state-of-the-art sound studios, powered by Dolby Atmos technology.

Grade and Colour

Ignite your project with vibrant colors in our exceptional grade room, where every hue comes to life.


Take your project to new heights of perfection with our two cutting-edge online rooms, ensuring the highest degree of quality.


Unleash your creativity in our seven edit suites, specifically designed for the offline stage of your project's editing process.

Engineering and Picture Services

Discover a comprehensive range of services in our engineering and picture department, encompassing everything from seamless transcodes to flawless syncing and everything in between for your project's success.

Bookings Team & Front of House

Aisling Gilsnean - Head of Post Production

A graduate of School of Media, DIT, Aisling spent 6 years in London's busy post house Evolutions. There she managed high profile, large volume projects projects
like Four in a Bed, The Only Way is Essex and First Dates.
Since joining EGG in 2015, Aisling has managed a wide range of productions and is
always on hand to guide a project through post production, from shoot to delivery.

Aisling has delivered over 20 feature films, so  if you are coming to EGG with one, you will be able to lean on her  huge wealth of experience through what is an
extremely complex series of processes, from rushes to running of DCPs.


Irena Williams -
Post Producer

After graduating from IADT Irena started her journey in Egg as our ever friendly hospitality manager in 2020. Irena had always shown a keen interest in the post production process and through her drive, promise and strong relationship with clients was welcomed into our bookings team as a post producer in 2022. 

Since moving into bookings Irena has taken excellent care across a body of projects always ensuring client satisfaction. Her most impressive credits include The Ghost of Richard Harris, Tarrac and Jim Capobianco's latest film The Inventor.

Nina Byrne -
Post Producer

Nina was welcomed to our team in 2021, and since then has built up an impressive credit list Nova Jones Season 1 and 2, The Imagination Machine, and Death in West Cork. 

Her experience working in large production companies such as Element, Emeryville, Polar and Pixar has paved the way for a promising career!

Joy Murphy -

Joy is our joyful hospitality manager who takes great care of our clients. Using skills she has picked up in her time working in the hotel industry, she is able to ensure our clients are well looked after and always have plenty of biscuits to dunk in their tea!