EGG was founded as a purely picture post house. But over the years, need allied to a passion for sound, has led to the addition of what is now a vibrant and industry leading Sound department.


Sound Design and Mix

With an long standing expertise in television sound, the team is also sought after for the entire range of services required for post production sound on feature presentations. Our hugely experienced and talented team provide the full raft of sound design and editorial options, including composition and performance when the project requires it. Our Studio 1 Sound stage allows us to in 5:1, and with a Optoma 2K Projection and cinema seating for 12 people, our Mix review and Screen and Fix facilities are unrivalled in Ireland. 

Sound edit and foley

EGG also has 6 fully equipped sound edit and design suites and a dedicated team for Dialgoue and FX editing and foley design and recording.

ADR, VO and Loop group

Both of EGG’s fully equipped studios provide state of the art ADR facilities, and with the option of Source Connect, sessions can be produced and managed from anywhere in the world. We also record Voiceover and loop groups of up to 20 people in the spacious studios.

Sound Team

Head of Sound- Aza Hand

Aza began his journey as a Live Sound Engineer, mixing at venues and festivals across Europe, before deciding television and feature film sound was where his future lay. 

Moving to Ardmore Sound he worked his way up, mixing sound on a Harrison MPC Digitally Controlled Analogue Console while also learning his craft with Foley and ADR Recording. Since arriving at EGG he has perfected his craft, mixing on a AMS Neve DFC Gemini Digital Console and adding numerous award winning credits as a Sound Designer on numerous s, shorts and documentaries. Recent credits include I Am Not A Serial Killer by Billy O’Brien, The Canal by Ivan Kavanagh and The Legend Of Longwood by Lisa Mulcahy, Without Name by Lorcan Finnegan, Tiger Raid by Simon Dixon and starring Brian Gleeson, Never Grow Old by Ivan Kavangh, starring Nick Cusack and Emile Hirsch and Here Are The Young Men by Eoin Macken.

Sound Supervisor- Patrick Drummond

Patrick had a long and storied career in Hollywood with credits as a Sound Supervisor on Lassie, Bewitched, Parent Trap, As Good As It Gets, Father of the Bride and Boyz N the Hood. He combined this work with being the Visiting Distinguished Professor at the University of Southern California. 

in 1997 Patrick relocated with his young family to Ireland But Hollywood’s loss was Ireland’s gain and Patrick has created and taught courses in Post Sound and Sound Design for Screen Training Ireland. 

He is Sound Supervisor for all of EGG’s big film and television projects such as Cardboard Gangsters, I Am Not A Serial Killer and Float Like A Butterfly.

Sound Mixer-
Colm Mullally

A native of Kilkenny, Colm began his career as a carpenter. But his love of traditional music lead him to re- train in Audio. 

Joining EGG in 2014, Colm is a Dubbing Mixer and Sound Designer on high- end Feature Film, TV and Documentary projects. His credits include Jessy and Nessy for Amazon, Karsten og Petra feature films for Cinenord and primetime series Can't Cope, Won't Cope and Nowhere Fast. 

A keen angler, when he isn't in the studio or looking after his two young children, he can be found on the banks of an Irish river. 

Sound Editor & Mixer-
Katie O’Mahony

A native of Cork, Katie O’Mahony graduated from NUI Maynooth with a degree in Music Technology. Joining EGG in 2014 as a runner she has proven herself and delivered in every role in the Sound department. She has credits as a Dialogue, Sound Effects and Foley Editor, Sound Designer, ADR, Foley and VO recordist. 

Katie has awarded a Screen Training Ireland Bursary she trained at Sony Picture Studios in Culver City, LA.

Having served an extensive apprenticeship she is now mixing feature films and long form drama for primetime. Her mixing credits include the feature documentary New York: Our Time and South Westerlies, a primetime drama for RTÉ1.

Sound Editor and Foley artist- Adrian Conway

From Wexford, Adrian began his career in sound at 14, providing full AV for local theatre groups. Having studied Audio Visual Media Technology at IADT Dun Laoghaire, he started at EGG in 2015 as a Runner. A compulsive field recordist, Adrian can often be seen around Dublin with a microphone, 

He brings this passion for sound to his work as a Sound Effects & Dialogue Editor, as well as our in-house Foley artist. 

His credits include a number of dramas broadcast in primetime (Grace Harte, Damo & Ivor​), animation (Jessy and Nessy, Capt’n Sharky), award winning feature documentaries (Conor McGregor: Notorious) and  feature films (Blackbird, Cellar Door and Muse)

Twitter: AdrianConway_AV Instagram: adrozipp

Studio 1

Neve DFC Gemini Digital Console

Pro tools HD MADI System

JBL 7.1 Surround Mixing Array

TC Electronic 6000 reverb

DBX subharmonic synthesizer x 2

Genelec 5.1 nearfield monitoring

Avid Artist Mix console

Optoma 2K Projection

Pro Tools HD 10 ,11 & 12  

Nugen Vis LM

Nugen LM Correct  

Nugen ISL  

Izotope Rx restoration tools

GRM Tools

Oxford Dynamics EQ

De Esser

Neyrinck Sound Code LT/RT tools

Sound Miner

Source Connect

Neyrinck Dolby encoder


Studio 2

AVID Icon D Control ES 32 Fader Dual Bank

AVID HD Native

JBL 7.1 Surround Mixing Array

Optoma 2K Projection

Pro Tools HD 10 ,11 & 12  

Nugen Vis LM

Nugen LM Correct  

Nugen ISL  

Minnetonka SurCode Surround Sound Encoding Suite        

WLM Plus Loudness Correction Suite

Waves Complete Plug In Suite

Izotope RX 7 Noise Correction Suite

Altiverb Surround Reverb Suite

FLUX IRCAM Verb 3 Surround Reverb Suite

Sony Oxford Plug In Suite

ZePlane Elastique Pitch  

Serato Pitch N Time Pro Pitching Suite

Melodyne Complete Pitch Correction Suite

Sound COde LT/RT Tools

Sound Miner

Source Connect

Neyrinck Dolby encoder