The sound department at Egg has built its reputation from humble beginnings to become a formidable force in Audio Post Production.

Our talented team of sound designers , re-recording mixers, foley artists and sound editors are held in the highest regard in the Irish and international film Industry.

Our state of the art facilities provide comfortable and spacious surroundings for all forms of audio mixing and sound creation, from TV/VOD episodic drama, Cinema features, TV/Feature animation, Documentary, Factual Entertainment to Advertising projects, we are geared to handle it all.

Check out our videos which showcase our fantastic sound work as well as a list of the services we can provide to your project below.



We believe that sound is 50 percent of the picture, and as audiences worldwide are becoming increasingly sound aware, directors and producers know that excellent sound design and mixing is the secret weapon in creative storytelling.

Our team of sound designers and mixers effortlessly combine creativity and technical prowess to tailor-make each soundtrack. With a firm grounding in cinematic mixing and design, we bring that level of detail and thought to all of our work.

Our dialogue editors have state of the art tools at their fingertips, including Izotope RX, Auto-Align and Ediload, amongst others.


EGG goes beyond with its comprehensive foley recording and foley editing service.

Our skilled team of FX editors has amassed an extensive sound library through years of dedicated recording.

From footsteps to prop interactions, we meticulously craft and synchronize foley effects to enhance the realism and immersion of your audio projects.

You can confidently put your trust in EGG's fantastic sound team to deliver exceptional foley and sound edit services tailored to your creative vision.


EGG's fully equipped studios provide state-of-the-art ADR facilities, offering seamless production and management of sessions worldwide through Source Connect.

With 2 spacious studios, we excel in recording voiceovers and loop groups, accommodating up to 20 individuals.

Our commitment to delivering immersive sound experiences sets us apart, utilizing cutting-edge technology and expertise.

Discover the power of EGG's studios for captivating audio production that leaves a lasting impression.


Experience the ultimate dubbing stage equipped with Dolby Atmos 7.1 JBL Theatrical monitoring and 5.1 Genelec nearfield Monitoring. Powered by the renowned Neve DFC Film Console and Avid S5 Console, this studio guarantees pristine sound production. 

Additionally, the Neve DFC Gemini Digital Console adds an extra layer of versatility to bring your project to life.


Immerse yourself in another exceptional dubbing stage featuring Dolby Atmos 7.1 JBL Theatrical monitoring and 5.1 Genelec nearfield Monitoring. The Icon D-Control Console ensures seamless control and precision.


Step into our four state-of-the-art 5.1 sound design suites, equipped with ProTools and AVID Artist Control. Unleash your creativity and harness the full potential of these advanced suites for unparalleled sound design.

At EGG, we provide a world-class audio production environment, combining top-of-the-line technology, skilled professionals, and a passion for delivering exceptional sound experiences. 

The Sound Team

Roberto Herrador - 

Senior Re-recording mixer

Roberto made a big move from Spain to join Egg as our Senior Re-Recording Mixer. With an impressive portfolio of Spanish titles to his name, we feel incredibly lucky to have him on our team.

Roberto is eager to expand his expertise in the English language department, and we're excited to see how his talent and experience will contribute to our work at Egg.

Eoin Ryan - Re-recording mixer and sound editor

Eoin joined the sound team at the end of 2022, after a long career in sound engineering.
He has some very impressive and exciting stories from these times including the work he did for Sir David Attenbourough for VO for his World Land Trust foundation videos.

He has a real natural talent for not only sound but also how to make an entire room erupt in laughter.

Graham Davy - Mix technician/sound assistant

We were thrilled to welcome Graham to the Egg team at the beginning of 2023. As a graduate from BIFE obtaining BTEC's Higher National Award 2019.

He has a passion for recording and crafting sound, he immediately fit right in. It's hard to imagine Egg without him, as he has quickly become an essential member of our team in a short amount of time.